Thursday, October 1, 2009


September 19th Lucky Stables said good bye to one of our beloved horses. Justice died at 12:45 Saturday morning. I was riding him up the Pleasant Grove waterfall trail. Keith was riding Hope right behind me; we were headed up to Tarzan's bath. 100 yds past the falls Justice "tied up" a term which is when they have a burst of alactic acid and their muscles become like stone. (his entire body had a cramp) Tieing up has killed thousands of horses, but even more horrifying is when he cramped he wasn't able to control himself and fell off a cliff into the stream. He loved water. He loved to swim, and play in it. Justice loved to run and he would give his all every time I got on him. Right before he lost control he looked back at me, and told me to get off. I have never in my life felt so sure of what he wanted and was telling me. To the end Justice was a hero, he deserved the justice and freedom he got. We all loved him and will all miss him so very much. He is running without tiring now and will forever be free. Sleep well my friend.